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China Huajun Group Limited is a company listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 00377.HK).

China Huajun Group  (the “Company”) will uphold the core value of “Honourable people are not ostentatious; people of moral integrity are realistic”, always adhere to a market-oriented strategy, and commit to establishing a multi-level and echeloned layout under the notion of “State under Foot, World in Sight” by virtue of our great intelligence, powerful strength as well as elite management team with vast experience and always keeping abreast of time.China Huajun Group is a diversified multi-national group company adopting“One with Two” as its strategic development strategy and industry, finance and property as its core of development.

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Established under the “One with Two” strategic development framework, three segments, namely industry, finance and property, are developed under the business model of becoming a diversified integrated multi-national enterprise.

These business segments are interrelated, demonstrating the abundant resources and financial strength of the Group and create a synergic effect which enhances the overall operational efficiency. Besides, based on the national policies, the Group reviews and plans our future development in a forward-looking manner.

The Group upholds the enterprise’s culture of “Honourable people are not ostentatious; people of moral integrity are realistic”, consolidating our existing businesses and actively seeking opportunities for takeovers and mergers both domestically and overseas so as to seize the opportunities of economic development in China and around the world.